Maryam’s Story

Maryam is a victim of domestic violence. She and her baby daughter fled and hid by sleeping on a friend’s couch. Maryam was terrified of being tracked down by her husband. Her baby began to develop health problems and the local Council refused to help. With nowhere else to turn, Maryam visited a Sure Start … More Maryam’s Story

Lily’s Story

I volunteer for the parent and baby group at a Sure Start Children’s Centre. I chat with parents and make sure everything is going well, and encourage them to let their children try out new things. The centre I volunteer at has recently had to close its Council run nursery due to spending cuts. Whilst … More Lily’s Story

Nikki’s Story

I came to a new town with my husband two years previous to having my first daughter at the age of 22. Even though I had a job I didn’t know many people. I was very happy about being pregnant and was feeling optimistic about the future and looking forward to my baby being born. … More Nikki’s Story

Nusrah’s Story

These are the experiences of a Children’s Centre that my daughter and I have had for the past year. This is my story. Unfortunately I was in an abusive marriage. Due to this I had to leave, even though my baby was only months old. I had no family support and had to stay with … More Nusrah’s Story