There is always an alternative, published April 2016.

There is always an alternative objectively proves for the first time that Labour Councils are far better not only at protecting Children’s Centres – but at running them. There is always an alternative provides many examples of how Labour Councils have achieved this by showcasing some of the great work going on in Labour Town Halls.

Sure Start, What Future, published July 2015.

Sure Start, What Future is the sister volume of Sure Start, Sure Future. We produced Sure Start, What Future as a rapid response to the unexpected Tory victory in the 2015 General Election; it aimed to galvanise the Left and local communities to prepare for battle to save our Children’s Centres. With pieces from Tristram Hunt, Graham Allen, Catherine West and others it provided a well-timed morale boost for supporters of Sure Start across the country.

Sure Start, Sure Future, published July 2013.

Sure Start, Sure Future is a collection of essays reflecting on potential future visions for Sure Start. It was extremely well-received and includes pieces from Polly Toynbee, Melissa Benn, Fiona Millar and others.


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